Flipped Out Teaching


What is “flipped out teaching”?

“Flipped out” has two different meanings on this site (what can I say, I love double entendres)

  1. The “flipped” or “inverted” method of teaching is about challenging the way classrooms have traditionally been run, and giving them a “flip.” How this flip looks can vary from teacher to teacher, but the basic premise is that students are more in need of the teacher for application of concepts than for direct instruction. Some teachers send students to the internet to learn new information, others make videos or podcasts (or vodcasts) for students to watch in their own time where they can fast-forward or rewind as needed. What flipped teaching really boils down to is being student-centered and making the best use of face to face time in the classroom, which is rarely (if ever) direct whole group instruction.
  2. Teachers never get into the profession for the money, we do it for the passion. Therefore, I flip out over teaching because of how much I love it!