Flipped Out Teaching


Greetings, students, parents, and other visiting guests!

My name is Elizabeth Oing, affectionately known by my students as “Ms. OG” or “Ms. OG Swag” (I speak their lingo 😉 ) I have been teaching at Independence since November 2004; I started in English Language Development, then moved to English with a special focus in Reading. I have taught all levels except seniors and AP.
I am a California native; I was born in San Diego and grew up in San Jose. My big interests (aside from literature) are technology and theater. I was a theater major in San Francisco, and my teaching credential is English with a Drama emphasis (I light up around Shakespeare *wink*). Before I got into teaching, I was an administrative/executive assistant, and a web site designer for SUN Microsystems. I speak geek fluently, and often use that and my knowledge of popular culture to grab my students’ interest. I have trained in online & blended learning and using technology to supplement and not distract from education (from Leading Edge Certification).